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Less than an hour from the campsite

20-25 minutes

Ecomusée Le Daviaud – La Barre de Montsimage016

It is outdoors, in the bend of a path, you will discover a rich natural environment both for its wildlife as flora. The museum is housed in traditional buildings and includes exhibits on the environment and the arts and popular traditions. You will discover the natural and human history of the Marais Breton Vendéen a site of 15ha. You will find a working salt marshes (June-September), an animal farm, a vegetable garden and a bird observatory. Visit time: 2 hours.

Tél : 02 51 93 84 84

image017Le Jardin du Vent – Notre Dame de Monts

In front of a curious mill wearing veils, hides an original garden that offers visitors an art walk, fun and informative … Animated sculptures, wind games, legends and weather indications of surprises punctuate this journey around a compass and a theater.
In July and August workshops “kites” are offered for children.

Tél : 02 28 11 26 43

Bourrine à Rosalie – Sallertaineimage018

Marsh habitat Sallertaine built with local materials (earth, rocks, reeds) which becomes an island or a peninsula at the whim of winter. Where stops a moment to speak of another time … Where people live between the water and wind, you know the “history” of these people we say no “story” …

Tél : 02 51 49 43 60 ou 06 08 52 59 39

image019Cheval Parc – Sallertaine

Horse Park of 10 acres, 4 acres of corn maze, horse shows each day (14h30 – 18h), one baptism pony free per child. Bar, restaurant – country atmosphere.

Tél : 02 51 35 52 03

image020Le Moulin de Rairé – Sallertaine

Built in 1555, this stately building is the only mill in France that has never stopped spinning since its construction in the wind. Rejecting all folklore, Burgaud family, descended from a long line of fariniers, continues to work this fascinating machine in accordance with ancient techniques.
Millers invite you to participate in a guided tour of this historic monument of astonishing ingenuity.
Specialties: wheat flour and buckwheat from Organic Farming, pancakes, biscuits, local produce …

Tél : 02 51 35 51 82

image023Le Musée Milcendeau Jean Yole – Soullans

At the heart of the Marais Breton Vendéen, in a unique, evoking the life and work of painter Charles Milcendeau and writer Jean Yole, born Soullans.
This museum is housed in the Bois Durand, in the house of Charles Milcendeau, it has been totally redecorated with frescoes Mozarabic. The collections were made through purchases and donations since the museum in 1982. A long quest works took place and continues to this day.
Visit the workshop and the Artist’s Garden.

Tél. / Fax : 02 51 35 03 84

image025Vélo Rail – Commequiers

A country walk with family or friends (2-4 people per railcar), rolling on 10 km of rails of an old railway. This is what offers the Bike Rail.
You will discover a specific flora, will cross the river Life, will cross the old railway station of Saint Maixent on Life …
The operating mode of bike-rail is extremely simple: just pedal to the speeder advance.
Reservation required all year
Departures and arrival in Commequiers

Tél : 02 51 54 79 99

image026Château d’Apremont

The original castle probably dates from the thirteenth century and was built on a rocky promontory overlooking the Valley of Life. The current two magnificent towers were part of a Renaissance castle built in the first half of the sixteenth century by Philippe Chabot de Brion, Admiral of France and friend of King Francis the first, the location of part of the medieval fortress.

Tél : 02 51 55 73 66

image027Le Moulin des Gourmands – St Révérend

The Mill of Father Aristide Praud was built in 1842. It ran until 1930 and was restored in 1997.
From the field of grain, you will discover with the miller, the Windmill in operation and will be welcomed by the baker in the bakehouse in a wood oven.
Enjoy cakes, pancakes, pizza or the pizza pancake picnic lunch with bread and local produce from the bakery in the park where you expect donkeys and games for children.

Tél : 02 51 60 16 72

image028Le Jardin des Olfacties – Coëx

Discover the magic of fragrant plants in a garden full of charm, whether for a cultural visit or to enjoy a relaxing moment in a universe vegetation multifaceted.
2 hours of access are necessary to discover the park closed in 1999 “Botanical Garden of France and Francophonie”. Nearly 3,500 varieties are presented in successions of exotic atmospheres: cottage garden, tropical valley, chambers of hell, Japanese garden …
Exhibitions and activities complement nicely the visit of the garden.
At night, the garden becomes a show where the light is used as a paint on driveways, lawns and plants on the site.

Tél : 02 51 55 53 41

Vendée Miniature – Brétignolles sur Merimage029

The small Vendee of a once vibrant sound and light with 650 characters. Discover the magical world of 1/10th with its carts, its businesses, its stone houses, its water mill leading the pace in his mallets, the center of town dominated by its imposing church of 3 meters high, with its shops . You will cross the steam engine that bypasses the windmill. 650 characters bring to life this colorful village bocage of the Vendée.

Tél : 02 51 22 47 50

45 minutes from our campsite

image031Sealand – Aquarium de Noirmoutier

Between sea and ocean, between hot and cold water, a living world takes you into the depths … To the sound of strange music, Neptune presents the fantastic world of fauna and flora underwater, and the show sea ​​lions. Discover this wonderful show, and dream as much as you please in this wonderful world of silence and colors. 500 000 liters of sea water, 200 meters of paths, 200 species and 1,000 animals.
Visit time: 1:30.

Tél : 02 51 39 08 11

image032Mini ville – Noirmoutier

Discovery of the traditional houses of France in miniature. Mini-City reproduces the rural habitat of our campaigns by region. The “mini-homes” are reproduced with the materials from their place of origin. Each has asked 200 to 300 hours and was the subject of a detailed study in each area: stone walls, tile roofs, slate, slate or thatch; volume differences, color from a rich and varied heritage.

Tél : 06 81 21 69 88

L’Ile aux Papillons – Noirmoutierimage033

At the heart of a greenhouse maintained at 26 ° C, stroll among hundreds of tropical butterflies, from the 4 corners of the world (Guyana, Kenya, Philippines, Madagascar) flying freely among tropical plants and flowers in the largest butterfly house in France.
Discover the life cycle of the butterfly and attend their birth in the hatcher.

Tél : 02 51 35 77 88

image034Océanile – Parc aquatique de l’Ile d’O – Noirmoutier

You will be welcomed to an avalanche of sensations: wave pools, water slides, river, lazy river, hot tub, river buoys, geysers, waterfalls, water games for children.

Tél : 02 51 35 91 35 ou 02 51 49 64 30

Abbaye de l’Ile Chauvet – Bois de Cenéimage035

On an island in the marsh, is a Benedictine abbey of the twelfth century …
The Romanesque church, with its magnificent façade opens onto the courtyard with the well at the time.
The monastery buildings and the abbey church suffered during the Hundred Years War in the fourteenth century and during the wars of religion in the sixteenth century.
This former monastery today interesting architectural remains with the Benedictine dormitory, kitchen, bread oven and pantry.

Tél : 02 51 68 13 19

image036Maison de l’Ane – Beauvoir sur Mer

Discover this educational farm, located in the heart of the Marais north Vendée (operating and farming). You will see different breeds of donkeys and donkeys, horses, mules and all farm animals. A film about the birth and caring for donkeys complete the visit. You can practice hiking activities and coupling and end your visit with a trip by donkey.

Tél : 02 51 93 85 70
ou 06 15 45 11 63

Petit moulin de Chateauneufimage037

Built in 1703 on the remains of a wooden mill, the Petit Moulin de Chateauneuf has never ceased to grind.
Millers from father to son, the Vrignaud for you to push the door of their mill to explore the intricacies of its mechanism at the discretion of a tour where Michael, the miller, will explain the traditional methods that allow it to happen again today, wheat flour, buckwheat and millet semolina. To enjoy all the flavors of the flour mill, you can taste the pancakes made ​​from wheat flour. You will extend your visit by discovering the botanical trail and garden grain.

Tél / Fax : 02 51 49 31 07

image038Le Potager Extraordinaire – La Mothe Achard

In a park of more than one hectare, the Garden Extraordinaire de la Mothe-Achard invites visitors to come and discover the magic gourd and unusual plants. The extraordinary here is the presentation of more than a thousand extravagant plants by their shape, smell, taste, it develops the strategy for their defense or reproduction.
It’s not locked in a kind of grandiose stagings that is sought, but the lighting of natural curiosities, particularly in the “Bizarretum” or through the playful “Look for the little beast …” designed for young and old.

Tél / Fax : 02 51 46 67 83

Musée des Traditions Populaires – Olonne sur Merimage039

The Museum of Popular Traditions is located in a former school in the late 19th century. You will discover collections of furniture, everyday objects, costumes and headdresses, old tools that reflect everyday life and sea craft of the rural population of the Pays d’Olonne in the early 20th century. You will also find the atmosphere of a class, with its old school books and inkwells in purple ink. 14-18 Finally the war is evoked through touching objects collected by a Nau for decades.

Tél/fax : 02 51 96 95 53

image040Les Salines – Les Sables d’Olonne

Board for two hours of an extraordinary journey to the heart of the marsh d’Olonne.
Between sky and sea, between salt and ground: the sweet boat ride takes you to the Jardin des Salines salt workers to meet their holdings of salt: discovery of secret routes smugglers, golf wellness and adventure, visit in with the ancient land of salt, bird watching.

Tél : 02 51 21 01 19

Le Museum du Coquillage – Les Sables d’Olonneimage041

A private collection of 45,000 tropical shells from around the world, unique in Europe for the quality of documents submitted for the richness, diversity and number of shells on display.
See also corals, crustaceans naturalized, sea urchins, sponges, starfish ..

Tél : 02 51 23 50 00